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Conference Tagung über Pferdekrankheiten in Essen, German

We want to bid you goodbye

Dear colleagues, dear business partners and friends of the Tagung über Pferdekrankheiten in Essen,

in 1975, Prof. Bernhard Huskamp “invented“ the Tagung über Pferdekrankheiten within Equitana in Essen. Since then, the Tierklinik Hochmoor organised this conference every other year. Now, after 23 events in 45 years, this chapter has come to an end. Unfortunately, the conference will no longer take place in this format. The Equitana host, Reed Exhibition, has decided to stage the congress during the fair in a different form from now on.

We observe this decision with mixed feelings. Of course we regret that the important and interesting task of being able to organise a high-quality convention for German veterinary practitioners is no longer in our hands. 

It has always been our ambition to introduce, critically analyse and question tendencies and new treatment measures in the field of equine medicine and surgery. In the past decades, friendly and trustful relations with many of our participants and speakers have been developed. 

Pharmaceutical companies and other partners from the veterinary industry valued “our“ conference as an important event to connect to customers and introduce new products. The opportunity of activity in this area and being able to turn the “Equitana Conference“  into a positive experience for everyone due to deliberate organization has been our personal incentive. We and our team have always enjoyed this immensely and we are very grateful for that.

On the other hand, organising and running this event with 700 to 900 participants has been a great challenge and has required plenty of work and commitment. Thus, after eleven Tagungen über Pferdekrankheiten jointly organised by us as a team, we are also relieved to no longer be obliged to bear this workload and to find more time for the beautiful things in life such as reading, visiting museums and travelling.

By now we know that there is still going to be an equine congress in Essen in the future. However, we, the Tierklinik Hochmoor GmbH and the Huskamp family, have no connection to this new event. To everyone who has been a part of the Tagung über Pferdekrankheiten during the 44 years from 1975 to 2019, be it as participant, industrial partner, speaker or all of our helpers and supporters, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful moments and the very successful conferences which we experienced together at Equitana in Essen.

In the name of the whole conference team & Tierklinik Hochmoor GmbH 

Dr. Niels Henrik Huskamp                           Dott. Rosaria Colturi Huskamp



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