Digital Radiography

Tiermedizin Hochmoor possesses a high-performance stationary digital X-ray system with high-resolution and high-speed processing unit (Agfa DX-G with needle crystal detectors). The advantage of digital radiography is that the images are readily available on the computer and that images can be post-processed. For example, brightness and contrast can be altered for better assessment and areas of interest can be magnified. Digital radiography has a wide range of application in equine medicine and surgery. X-rays are often obtained as part of lameness examinations or pre-purchase examinations. Due to our powerful X-ray system, we are able to even take radiographs of well-muscled areas such as the pelvis or hip joint with the horse standing. This is not possible with a mobile X-ray system. X-rays of the thorax and the lungs can be useful for diagnosing chronical bronchitis. Digital radiography is also used as a diagnostic tool for dental disorders or other disorders in the area of the head.