Gamma Scintigraphy

Scintigraphy is a nuclear imaging method. It aims at detecting areas with increased (bone) metabolism. Scintigraphy can assist in finding unknown causes for lameness, in diagnosis of sudden onset or recurrent lameness but also in the work-up of rideability problems. With the aid of scintigraphy, conclusions as to the presence of disorders and inflammation can be drawn. Particularly sources of pain in the area of head and spine as well as in the sacroiliac joint and the pelvis can be localised using scintigraphy.

For scintigraphic examination, the horse is injected with a mildly radioactive substance (Technetium-99) attached to a carrier which quickly decomposes.

In areas with increased bone metabolism, the Technetium accumulates. With a specific camera, the accumulations can be illustrated. These areas may represent e.g. inflammatory processes, fissures, osseus reactions (e.g. early arthrosis) or fractures.