Ultrasonography (Ultrasound)

During ultrasonographic examination, ultrasound waves are emitted from a transducer. Depending on the tissue structure these are more or less strongly reflected. In the sonographic unit, the ultrasound waves are converted to a 2-dimensional sectional image. Different tissue structures are displayed in various grey levels. The Doppler ultrasound provides additional information on blood flow direction and velocity in the heart and vessels. Thus, the Doppler system is mainly used in echocardiography.

At Pferdeklinik Hochmoor, ultrasonography is used for multiple purposes. Ultrasound is employed for reproductive examination as well as examination of tendons, ligaments and joints and pelvis, neck and back. Sometimes, injections are administered under ultrasonographic control. Ultrasonography can also provide conclusive results in equine neonatal medicine and pulmonary disorders. Next to rectal examination, abdominal ultrasound is an important diagnostic tool in the work-up of intestinal disorders (colic). Ultrasonography also plays an important role for the examination of ocular disorders.

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