Disorders of the Respiratory System (Larynx, Lungs)

Pulmonary disorders are one of the greatest threats to horses’ health. In order to detect respiratory disorders in horses, to diagnose them specifically and to treat them successfully, we at Pferdeklinik Hochmoor use various diagnostic tools (arterial blood gas analysis, broncho-tracheal lavage analysis, bronchoscopy, radiography and ultrasonography). Additionally, the high-speed treadmill is worth mentioning where endoscopy of the upper airways can be performed under exercise or a standardised performance test can be carried out. For more than 30 years, we have successfully carried out hyperinfusion therapy under permanent veterinary supervision in cases of chronic pulmonary obstruction. Laryngeal surgery has also been a specialist field at Pferdeklinik Hochmoor since the 1970s and is successfully performed at our hospital.