Prof. Dr. Andy Durham

Andy Durham graduated from the University of Bristol in 1988 and began 3 years in mixed species practice. Andy entered practice in 1991 primarily with an ambulatory role and then moved to the Liphook Equine Hospital, a large ambulatory and referral hospital, in 1994.

At this time Andy gained the RCVS certificate in equine practice during a primarily ambulatory role and gradually became more hospital based and acquired the RCVS and European diplomas in equine internal medicine.

In 2001 Andy became a partner at the Liphook Equine Hospital with responsibility for equine medicine cases and the diagnostic laboratory. The team at Liphook now comprises 23 veterinary surgeons including 3 medicine specialists and 5 surgery/orthopaedics specialists.

Andy Durham has produced several publications from private practice and remains keen about clinical research and trying to answer common clinical problems and dilemmas. He is also an enthusiast regarding ongoing clinical teaching and development.

Andy is also visiting professor at the University of Surrey close-by to Liphook. Particular interests include endocrinology, abdominal diseases, ophthalmic diseases, infectious diseases and general internal and laboratory medicine.