Prof. Dr. Christian Willy

MD, PhD, Colonel, Professor of Surgery


University of Ulm and Member of the Joint Medical Forces German Bundeswehr




Approbation as a medical doctor
MD-Thesis: Outcome of lysis therapy (Urokinase) of chronic peripheral arterial occlusive disease


1992 – 1993

University of Munic (Studies in Theory of Science, Logic and Philosophy)



Senior Consultant in Surgery, Ulm, Germany


1999 – 2000

Fellowship TraumaCenter University of Zurich, Switzerland



PhD Thesis: ICP Monitoring in Chronic Compartment Syndrome, Importance of non-linearity in traumatology




Fellowship Trauma Center University of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia




Professor of Surgery




Chairman Advisory Board Surgery (Ministery of Defense) (up to 2017)

Member of the Common Commission of Surgical Education of the German Society of Surgery and the Union of German Surgeons (up to 2017)



Chairman Surgical Center of Surgery - Military Hospital Ulm



Director Department
Trauma and Orthopedic & Septic and Reconstructive Surgery - Military Hospital Berlin



Member Wound Center Berlin (triple-certified ICW)



Founding Research and Treatment Center for Complex Combat Injuries


Clinical main topics:

Healing of complex bone and soft tissue wounds
Septic defect wounds
Vacuum sealing therapy
Masquelet procedure
Acute and chronic compartment syndrome
Pelvic trauma
Spine trauma
Surgery under military and catastrophic conditions, Terror Preparedness


Organisational main topics:

Surgical training programs
Quality Management
Student Teaching


Scientific main topics:

Wound healing, Vacuum-assisted therapy
Antiseptic solutions
Terror Preparedness
Acute and chronic compartment syndrome
Wound drainages
Soft tissue injuries
Pathophysiology of extremity injuries
Importance of Non-Linear Dynamics in Surgical Research
Epidemiology of War Surgery