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Ultrasonography of the locomotor system in horses

Ultrasonography of the locomotor system in horses 2019

Dear colleagues

We are delighted to announce Prof. Jean-Marie Denoix, leading expert in equine diagnostic ultrasonography and the world’s foremost equine locomotor anatomist, to lecture at this year’s seminar on Ultrasonography of the locomotor system in horses hosted at Pferdeklinik Hochmoor. During the 2-day course held on the 24th and 25th of Oktober 2019, the topics stifle, hock and proximal suspensory ligament, pelvis (external and internal), hip and lumbar spine will be covered.

Prof. Jean-Marie Denoix uses clinical case based presentations and live demonstrations to disscus innovative ultrasound techniques for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal injury. Normal anatomy as well as common clinical conditions will be demonstrated in great detail. The lectures will be followed by practical sessions, where delegates can practice the techniques in small groups on live horses under the supervision of  J.M. Denoix and experienced instructors. The course language will be English.

There are still a few spaces left. For further enquiries or to register please contact us via phone +49 (0) 2863 2099-781, online or fax registration form. 

We are looking forward to welcome you at Tiermedizin Hochmoor.

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