Freitag, 15. März 2019* / Friday, 15 March 2019

* Sprache: Englisch/Deutsch mit Simultanübersetzung / Language: English/German with simultanous Translation

From/ab 7:00Anmeldung /REGISTRATION 
8:15Begrüßung/WelcomeHuskamp, N. H.
8:20Clinical relevance of heart arrhythmiasvan Loon, G.
8:45Managing large colon impactions and displacements in the fieldHallowell, G. B.
9:00Atrial fibrillation: diagnosis and clinical relevancevan Loon, G.
9:25The imperfect science of predicting intestinal viability intraoperativelyGonzalez, L. M.
10:00Kaffeepause und Besuch der Fachausstellung 
11:00Standing orthopaedic surgeryBertone, A.
11:25Arthroscopically assisted intralesional treatment of cysts in the medial femoral condyleLichtenberg, D.
11:45Equine arthroscopy: curative, preventive or cosmetic?Torre, F.
12:05Stem cell-based cartilage repair: from the bench to clinical application in human patientsRichter, W.
12:25Allogenic chondrogenic-induced mesenchymal stem cells to treat joint diseaseBertone, A.
13:00Mittagspause und Besuch der Fachausstellung 
14:30A current perspective on the use of perioperative antibioticsTorre, F.
14:50A pragmatic recommendation for modern wound antisepsis, update 2018Willy, C.
15:10Control of antibiotic treatment of infected synovial structures through measurement of acute phase protein serum amyloid AMüller, A. C.
15:30Dysphagia in the horseFeige, K.
16:00Kaffeepause und Besuch der Fachausstellung 
17:00New insights in fluid treatment of gastro-intestinal diseaseHallowell, G. B.
17:20Alterations in intestinal permeability and its influence on the postoperative courseGonzalez, L. M.
17:40Diagnosis and treatment of sacroiliac joint diseaseGerdes, C.


18:15Ende des ersten Kongresstages