Friday, 24 March 2017*

* conference language: English with simultaneous translation into German

08:20WelcomeHuskamp, N. H.
08:30Pathogenesis of osteochondrosisOldstad, K.
08:50The genetics of osteochondrosisDistl, O.
09:05Changes in management to reduce the development of osteochondrosis in young horsesOldstad, K.
09:25Cyst-like lesions: conservative approach or surgical treatment?Fürst, A.
09:40Proximal suspensory desmopathy in hindlimbs: correlation between ultrasonography and post-mortem examinationDyson, S.
10:05Coffee break and visit to the veterinary trade exhibition 
11:00Changes in the microbiota of the intestinal tract after laparotomyArcher, D.
11:15Procedures to prevent atypical myopathyWestermann, C.
11:35Evaluation of fever in the horseDurham, A.
11:55Methods of reducing dust exposure in the stableWestermann, C.
12:15Wound closure in abdominal surgery – suggestions to minimize wound infectionArcher, D.
12:35Relevance of elevated liver values in healthy horsesDurham, A.
13:00Lunch and visit to the veterinary trade exhibition 
14:30Dealing with traumatic injuries of the hoof capsuleSchramme, M.
14:50Individual variation of radiological findings in the caudal cervical vertebrae and the first thoracic vertebraeProgrammänderung: F. Beccati
15:05Computer tomography of the cervical vertebrae in the standing horse: examination and findingsLorenz, I.
15:20Surgical treatment of cervical vertebrae fracturesRossignol, F.
15:35The clinical significance of radiographic findings in the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae in unridden young horsesLichtenberg, D.
16:00Coffee break and visit to the veterinary trade exhibition 
16:30Idiopathic hopping-type forelimb lameness in ridden horsesDyson, S.
17:00A summary of the use of stem cell therapy from the legal and clinical point of viewSchramme, M.

*Sprache: Deutsch mit Übersetzung ins Englische

17:30Meilensteine in der Pferdemedizin seit 1960Huskamp, N. H.
17:45Die Etablierung einer systematischen Ileuschirurgie in den 70-er JahrenKopf, N.
18:00Zukunft der Pferdechirurgie, ein AusblickRöcken, M.
18:15Sektempfang – Ende des ersten Tages 

Traditionelles Treffen der Gesellschaft für Pferdemedizin

ab 19:30 Uhr

für Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte

am Stand von Dr. Ende

(Halle 1)

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