Hochmoor Equine Hospital GmbH

At the equine hospital, we treat patients with all kinds of different diseases. Whenever possible and sensible from a veterinary point of view, we are going to treat your horse as an outpatient and then continue treatment in cooperation with your referring vet.  Should ambulatory veterinary care not be sufficient, we will admit your horse as an inpatient for further diagnostics and treatment.

For our patients, we have light and quiet loose-boxes available in various stable buildings, some of them with paddock turnout. In the intensive care unit, patients are supervised 24/7 by our trained staff. Furthermore, we have mare-and foal loose-boxes and loose-boxes with special suspension devices for fracture patients.

Opening hours

Appointments at the equine hospital are scheduled between 8.30 a.m. and 06.00 p.m.

You can arrange an examination appointment under the following number:  +49 (0) 28 63/20 99-0

Visiting hours

Please coordinate the visiting times for your horse with the treating veterinarian.

In emergencies, we are available for you around the clock! Please notify us of an emergency under the following number: +49 (0) 28 63/20 99-0.