Freitag, 22.03.2013


Congress language: D/E - E/D
(simultaneous translation)



7 a.m.





8:30Equine embryo transfer techniques Hendriks, K.
8:45Embryo transfer in sport horsesLeite, B.
9:00Impact of embryo transfer on the equine breeding industryLüneburg, J.
9:25Retentio secundinarum, an analysis of 121 casesWehrend, A.
9:40Laparoscopic uteropexy, a new technique to improve the fertility in maresBrink, P.
9:55Laparoscopic ovariectomy in the standing horseLichtenberg, D.
10:20Coffee Break and visit to the trade exhibition
with friendly support of MSD - Intervet Deutschland GmbH
11:20Navicular bursoscopy using a transthecal approach, diagnostic and therapeutic relevanceWilderjans, H.
11:35Radiographic contrast imaging for assessment of the manica flexoriaGerdes, C.
11:50Tendovaginoscopic diagnostics and therapy of lesions of the manica flexoriaJahn, W.
12:15Plantar metatarsal neurectomy and fasciotomy for the treatment of hindlimb proximal suspensory desmitisBathe, A.
12:30Use of Imaging Techniques for Diagnosis of Kissing SpinesGerdes, C.
12:45Surgical treatment of impinging dorsal spinous processesBathe, A.
13:10Lunch break and visit to the trade exhibition 
14:15Current concepts in aetiopathogenesis and new treatment modalities of Equine SarcoidMartens, A.
14:30Future treatment of equine sarcoids, use of prophylactic vaccination or therapeutic ointments?Hainisch, E.
14:55Conservative therapy of pedal bone fractures, an analysis of 223 casesRijkenhuizen, A.
15:10Osteosynthesis in pedal bone fracturesFürst, A.
15:30Coffee break and visit to the trade exhibition with friendly support of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH 
16:30Clinical relevance of Lyme borreliosisStraubinger, R.
16:45Impacts of a herpes virus infection on the equine population and required measuresOsterrieder, K.
17:00Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of equine multinodular pulmonary fibrosis (EMPF)Goehring, L.
17:25Keratitis in the horse, aetiology and therapyGerhards, H.
17:40Surgical therapy of keratitisNeumann, W.
18:00 Diskussion 
18:15End of the first day 



Traditional meeting of all vets
at the booth of Dr. Ende (Equitana Fair, Hall 1)
am Stand von Dr. Ende (Halle 1)